Feng Shui For Doors

August 14, 2020
According to feng shui – the Chinese art of balancing energy to encourage a positive environment and lifestyle – the front door of your house is the mouth of chi energy and a key element to your wealth and happiness.

What Is A Window Next To A Front Door Called?

August 14, 2020
If you want to throw more light into your entrance hall, you should consider a door with sidelights. This is the name given to small vertical windows either side of your door, it has nothing to do with vehicle lights!

Door Weight Versus Hinge Size

July 30, 2020
Small things can make a big difference – take a door hinge. It may be a tiny piece of hardware but without the device you wouldn’t be able to open a door.

Cheap Doors Vs Expensive Doors

July 30, 2020
Anyone thinking of buying new door will probably be amazed at the number of options on the market. There are so many doors available, both cheap and expensive, the decision on what to buy can be harder than you imagine.

When Should Your Doors Be Replaced?

June 11, 2020
It’s not always an open and shut case, excuse the pun, to know when a door might need replacing. If a door is obviously rotting or is severely warped, then it’s a sign it should be changed. Here’s some guidance to help you decide whether your door should stay or go.
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