Feng Shui For Doors

14 August, 2020

Is your life full of wealth and good luck? If the answer is no then perhaps you need to get wise to feng shui and show negative energy the door.

According to feng shui – the Chinese art of balancing energy to encourage a positive environment and lifestyle – the front door of your house is the mouth of chi energy and a key element to your wealth and happiness.

But there is no single answer to achieving perfect door feng shui. There are many factors at play. Some of these elements, such as having your front door facing the street, can’t be addressed without a major rebuild, but fortunately there are always ways to counter negative feng shui.

Light the way

If your front door faces the street, then that’s a great start, as it attracts positive energy from the road into your house. If it doesn’t then some extra lighting or by adding plants along the path will lead to better energy within.

In The Right Direction?

The next consideration is the orientation of your door. Different rules apply dependent on whether the door faces north, south, east or west, and all directions in-between. Woe betide anyone with a south-facing door who wants to paint it white. South-oriented doors have to be red, according to feng shui principles. White doors are reserved for south-west and north-east orientations.

None of that applies to north-facing doors. These need to be very dark, ideally navy blue or black. But if your door points north-west or west, a cheerful ochre or yellow door is recommended.

Finally, east or south-east doors should stay a natural wood colour.

Beware Of Arrows

Now that you know your door colour, have a look at your outdoor environment. Bad feng shui energy can be created outside by a neighbouring building with sharp edges pointing towards your door. These literally translate from the Chinese as ‘poison arrows’, and you need to deflect their bad energy.

The solution to a poison arrow depends on what direction it’s coming from. You don’t need to fix the door itself; you can use interior decoration to build a shield.

Raise Your Shields

If your poison arrow comes from the south, a fountain or crystal placed near the door will shield you. From the north, a crystal or a plant will stave off the bad feng shui. An arrow pointing from the east or south-east just needs a wind chime or light to deflect it. From the west or north-westerly direction, a light or fountain will do the trick. Finally, any poison arrow from the south-west or north-east can be fixed with a windchime or plant in its way.

Other feng shui considerations are making sure the door faces inwards to let the energy flow in and having a medium-sized door to let the correct amount of energy into your house. For extra luck, open your front door a lot as you’ll be making your home more balanced and harmonised.

Of course it’s up to you if you want to follow feng shui principles. But for all your door requirements head to Door Stop. We offer buy now, pay later finance options and with two showrooms in Perth you can come and take a look at the quality of the doors for yourselves.

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