Cheap Doors Vs Expensive Doors

30 July, 2020

Anyone thinking of buying a replacement door or buying a new one for an extension, will probably be amazed at the number of options on the market. There are so many doors available, both cheap and expensive, the decision on what to buy can be harder than you imagine.

Doors come with varying price tags and can depend on many factors including:

Material. Cost may be dependent on material for example whether it’s made from engineered wood like MDF, fibreglass, composite wood or solid timber.

Glazed. Doors which have glazed panels will cost more, especially if they are installed with toughened glass or number of panels.

Hardware. Hardware comes in different styles. Handles and knobs made from different material, such as bronze or nickel and will impact price.

Design. The intricacy of the design will affect cost. Plain designs will be cheap compared to elaborate designs. Off the shelf doors, ones which are manufactured en-masse, will be less expensive than custom-made ones.

External or interior door. Exterior doors are harder wearing so are more expensive than internal doors.

Shape and size. Cost will vary depending on size, double doors will naturally be more expensive than single doors.

Cheap Doors

One of the most important factors affecting cost is material. Internal budget range doors are usually made from MDF and are popular because they have been tried and tested. Designed for quick installation, they’re readily available and come in standard sizes.

Simple in design, they appeal to most tastes. Internal MDF doors require minimal maintenance and just need a quick wipe down to keep them clean.

For external doors, solid doors are cheaper than composite doors. Solid doors may still be weather resistant but not as good as a composite door.

While material used in cheaper doors will make them durable, they will lack the strength of a more expensive timber door. There’s always the risk that they may not match your exact requirements and you may be limited in colour choices and design. Some people argue that they lack character or individuality and you could find that your neighbour has bought the same one.

Expensive Doors

Expensive doors can make your home look more sophisticated and elegant. You can still buy good doors off the shelf, but if you are after something niche, then it can be custom made for you. Timber composite doors are stronger than wooden ones.

Composite core wooden doors can become a showpiece of your home, look very luxurious and add value making them a great investment for the future. Adding in extras such as glazed panels adds elegance. Expensive doors will last for a long time because of the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship involved.

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