What Is A Window Next To A Front Door Called?

14 August, 2020

If you want to throw more light into your entrance hall, you should consider a door with sidelights. This is the name given to small vertical windows either side of your door, it has nothing to do with vehicle lights!

The first thing people notice when they walk up to your home is the front door. Once they knock or ring your bell, they’ll stand for a while and admire it, so these sidelights are bound to appeal to visitors and create a lasting impression.

Spotlight On Sidelights

A sidelight can be installed both sides of a door for a symmetrical look, or to one side only, and can be paired with either solid panels or glass. As well as being available in many styles, you can get different sizes - half sidelights, three-quarter length or full - so the choice of how much glass you’d prefer is up to you.

Traditional sidelights are stationary and don’t open, but with more modern doors you can have sidelights which will move ajar. You can also have a transom window above your door, which is a small rectangular window. They’ve been around for two hundred years or more and were originally a design feature to let air in, but these days they’re a great choice to further brighten up an entranceway.

Who’s At The Door?

Windows are made to be looked through so you can take in the outside view. With sidelights you can see who’s arriving at your door and whether you want to allow them to come in.

Be warned, while you can see out, people can see in! At night-time, when you have your overhead hallway lights switched on, people can easily look through. If you ever needed a reason to prevent this area from getting messy, this is it.

Make It Bold

Sometimes a standard size entrance door on its own just isn’t enough to create an impact. Sidelights will make it extra impressive and add curb appeal to your home. Add some decorative or obscure glass to stamp your own personal mark on it; a splash of colour will add extra lift and brighten the area up even more.

Shine The Light In

Sidelights can really enhance the level of natural lighting within your home, adding warmth and creating a greater sense of internal space while also improving its sale value at the same time. If you want to maximise the amount of natural light, pair your sidelights with a glazed entry door.

Remember, the entrance hall is a place to meet and greet so let an abundance of light flood in. Whatever your choice of a front entrance door, we’re sure you’ll find something at Door Stop. We have an extensive range of exceptional, sturdy hard wearing doors all backed with a seven year conditional guarantee. Don’t take our word for it come and look at the quality of workmanship yourself at our two showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup. Check out our reviews, once you buy our doors we’re sure you’ll be back for more.

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