Door Weight Versus Hinge Size

30 July, 2020

There are many different types of door hinges on the market and it can be difficult to know which one is best suited to your door. What you don’t want to experience is a door hanging off its frame because the hinge is not strong enough for its weight or you haven’t put enough hinges on your door.

Hinges can be supplied in a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium or chrome.

A door hinge works by rotation which allows the open and close movement. We’ve been exploring the best hinges for heavy doors.

Ball Bearing Butt Hinges

Probably the most common hinge, a ball bearing butt hinge is also known as ball race and ideal for external and commercial doors. For internal doors, you could opt for a butt hinge without the ball bearings.

The ball bearing butt hinge is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of hinge because of its quality. Comprising two halves, one is attached to a fixed component like a frame, while the other’s linked to the door. Capsules between the joints on the knuckle contain small ball bearings which help with weight load.

It’s the bearings in these butt hinges which support heavy weight, so there’s no risk of the hinge warping or buckling. The ball bearings reduce friction and allow the doors to swing smoothly. Light oiling or greasing of the hinge will improve its longevity and performance.

75mm butt hinges are suitable for standard internal doors up to 40mm thick, whereas 100mm ball bearing butt hinges are the size preferred for thicker external doors up to 54mm.

Concealed Hinges

It may be called a concealed hinge, but don’t be fooled, as this type of hinge can be just as hard wearing as others. People choose concealed hinges for modern, minimalist homes. They’re designed to be invisible so you can only see the surface of the door. They come in two parts brackets and pivots.

Because they’re hidden away, it’s difficult for intruders to break them so they rank high for security.

Piano Hinges

A piano hinge or continuous hinge is one which is long, sometimes running the full length of a door and wide. Why piano hinge? The name stems from its original purpose to support the lid of a piano.

The beauty of piano hinges is that they distribute weight and stress in a uniform fashion and can be cut to meet your exact requirements.

Strap Hinges

A strap hinge on an external door is also referred to as a gate hinge and is instantly recognisable as it has a long leaf which stretches out across the door. It is a surface mounted hinge and makes a bold statement and can be seen on large external decorative doors.

They are robust and long-lasting and generally reach across two thirds of the door.

For all your door requirements including hardware, contact Door Stop. Hinges can cost as little as $12 each but our experienced staff can outline your options. All our doors are backed by a seven-year guarantee. Look at our reviews and you’ll understand why we’re the door company of choice in Perth.

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