Can doors be kicked in?

19 Jan 2021

You might think your door is strong with a beefy lock, but it counts for nothing if it’s not built to withstand force.

There are plenty of inferior doors on the market which make it easier for burglars to gain entry. In action movies, characters regularly smash and kick their way through doors, but the reality is there needs to be substantial force to break one down. However, there’s always a risk, so it’s best to buy one that’s robust.

It’s virtually impossible to kick a door which opens outwards, and inevitably internal doors are easier to kick in than external doors because they’re usually hollow.

Breaking down doors

Doors exist to protect us and keep us safe, but if you choose one made of an inferior material without a sturdy locking system, then it’s not fit for purpose. Police officers will use a battering ram to break down the door of a house, but intruders will opt for a hard kick.

The weakest part of a door is around the deadbolt strike plate, the mechanism that catches the deadbolt latch into the door frame. If this is weak or loosely fitted, a sudden impact will cause the door to splinter and break.

The kick has to be delivered with force, but of course how easily the door breaks will depend on the material it’s made from.

A soft wood door, such as pine will give way fairly easily and any hollow timber will be easily compromised. More traditional doors, which are older in age, such as those produced from solid timber will be more resistant to any kick.

Strengthen your door

The stronger the wood, the less likely it will split after a few hard cracks, so choose one which has a solid core. If you want to go that extra mile, invest in a steel door as it won’t ever fracture, especially one that’s hurricane rated.

Use a quality deadbolt. Swap the short screws for longer ones as small screws can easily pop out. Install a longer more hard-wearing strike plate, this is the metal plate where the deadbolt latches into the door frame. A grade one strike plate is the strongest and will be able to withstand a force of 35 kilograms several times in succession.

As an added protection measure you could reinforce the door frame itself by adding a layer of steel to prevent it from splitting. There are products on the market available for this job, and a joiner can easily install the steel reinforcements.

Burglars hate a challenge so buying a door which is kick-proof will give you peace of mind. The team at Door Stop are the experts in doors, hardware and door locking mechanisms. Our aim is to offer you quality doors at affordable prices to make your home safe and secure. Established thirteen years ago, we offer a 7-year warranty, so why not step inside one of our showrooms in either Osborne Park or Joondalup and see the quality of our doors yourself?

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