What are servery windows?

7 October, 2022

Western Australians know how to embrace outdoor life. Weekends are often spent with family and friends enjoying al fresco dining on a patio bathed in sunshine. Sounds idyllic? If you like outdoor entertaining, why not consider connecting your kitchen to the outdoor space with servery windows.

Not sure what they are? Let’s serve up some information to give you greater insights.

The history of servery windows

A servery was traditionally a counter, or service hatch in a kitchen to serve meals while keeping any dirty pots, pans and other clutter from view. It was a popular way of delivering food to people sitting around a table in a formal dining room. 

The kitchen servery window has grown from there. With most Aussies spending as much time outdoors as indoors because of the climate, it’s no wonder servery windows are fast becoming a popular must-have addition for every Aussie home.

Benefits of a servery window

Servery windows open into an outdoor space allowing you to easily pass drinks, food and cutlery outside and inside with minimum fuss for maximum convenience. You can serve items faster, so less time for hot items to get cold.

They bring in natural light and ventilation and enhance your backyard view. In addition, you can carry on talking to guests while preparing your food. There’s the option to extend your kitchen benchtop out to create a bigger space. If you put some bar stools on the external benchtop, you have your own private mini-bar for guests to enjoy.

Any cool drinks can remain chilled - pass out a bottle of beer or a spritzer from your fridge as and when it’s needed.

A servery window gives you a clear view of the outdoor area, so you can still feel part of any conversations. You can also keep an eye (and ear) out for any children or grandchildren splashing about in the pool. 

It's a hygienic way of serving food - no more taking platters back and forth, stopping to open and close doors and touching door handles in the process that may be gathering bacteria and germs.

Which type of servery window?

Servery windows come in different styles. Gas strut servery windows are popular because they don't need a sill. They look classy and modern, offering a feeling of expansive space.

A hinge mechanism allows them to open upwards to 90 degrees. All that's required to operate them is a gentle push - the gas struts will take care of the elevation. You can either pull them down or use a pole that hooks onto a pull handle to draw them back.

Bifold servery windows stack back onto each other. They contain several hinged framed window panels that fold back in a concertina style. 

Do you think servery windows could enhance your home? Visit either one of our showrooms in Joondalup and Osborne Park to see the quality yourself. Our reviews speak volumes about our products. With close to 40 years of experience serving customers in Perth, our timber and aluminium servery windows are aesthetically stunning and will last for decades.

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