Are thicker doors better?

22 December, 2022

Did you know that your average exterior or internal door is now thicker than it used to be thirty years ago?

Doors speak volumes about your taste but also serve a purpose – to allow people in and out of various spaces.

Homeowners have been driving the change for a thicker door, realising a heavyweight champion offers strength, durability, better insulation and protection.

The only drawback to a thicker door is that it may be more challenging to move. A professional joiner or is best to install it unless you’re a competent DIY enthusiast.

Strength and durability

External doors are deeper than internal ones because they have to stand up to elements and face heavier usage. A good solid front door should be 40mm thick and an internal one 35mm.

Thicker, heavyweight doors offer better protection against damage and impact while making you as an individual feel safe and secure. There’s something quite satisfying about hearing the click as you shut a sturdy door. Thicker doors feel better to open and close and symbolise longevity.

At the heart of every thick door is usually an engineered core (no pun intended). In its simplest terms, an engineered core door is thin layers of wood glued together to create a solid piece of wood. A door manufactured with an engineered core has many advantages over solid wood doors – one of the most beneficial is that it won’t warp.

Have you heard about acoustics?

Going about daily life with a constant buzz of noise in the background can be frustrating and distracting. It won't help you to rest, recuperate or concentrate.

Doors prevent the movement of sound through a house. A thicker door is far better at reducing sound transmission from one room to another, allowing you to enjoy a greater level of peace and tranquillity.

Insulate your home

Because it’s more energy efficient and has better insulation properties, a thicker door will save you money. A well-insulated door won’t let heat out in the winter and will keep cool air inside in the summer.

Thicker, energy-efficient doors reduce your carbon footprint, so you'll be doing your bit to combat climate change. Plus, it offers better protection against unwanted insects and pests and other types of critters from coming into your home.

Going up – resale value

If you want your house to have a better resale value, then thicker doors will often make a better impression on potential buyers. It doesn’t take a carpenter, joiner, or tradie to recognise a quality door when they see and feel one.

Research has shown that a new entry door offers a potential return on investment of around 75%. Just as it only takes seven seconds for a person to make an initial impression on someone else, buyers want a house that looks welcoming at first glance.

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