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We never close a door without opening a window

In addition to our range of crafted doors, we also manufacture a variety of custom-made windows to help you add that finishing touch to your home.

Timber Windows

Crafted from a choice of high quality solid timbers and an ideal match for our range of Timber Doors, our Timber Windows really pull the ‘natural look’ of your home into focus by grounding it to the earth.

Timber Awning Windows

Our Timber Awning Windows capture the cozy, warm feelings associated with a home from our childhood, and brings them into the 21st century with a brand new look.

Timber Casement Windows

Nothing says grace and romance like casement windows. Distinctly European in design, these beautiful windows are elegant and sophisticated, while being practical and durable.

Timber Double Hung Windows

The versatility of our Timber Double Hung Windows allows them to bring a touch of understated elegance to whatever style of home you have. Whether it’s to recreate a traditional theme, or to soften the complexity of a contemporary style, these windows are the perfect fit.

Timber Arched Windows

With our Timber Arched Windows you can add a sense of grandeur and luxury to your home and distinguish it from the rest. By incorporating an element of dignity, these windows effortlessly elevate their environment to a higher level.

Timber Bifold Windows

A close relative to the Timber Bifold Door, our Timber Bifold Windows are adorned with the same dynamic ability to flood your living space with organic bliss in a mere matter of moments.

Timber Louvre Windows

The fresh and breezy nature of our Timber Louvre Windows lets an optimistic energy flow freely into every corner of your home. Similar to the peaceful headspace that envelops you on a secluded beach, these windows will remind you that everything is how it should be.

Aluminium Windows

Designed to be both sleek and practical, our range of Aluminum Windows bring a contemporary feel to your home with their stunning shine and sharp visual form.

Aluminium Bifold Windows

Our Aluminium Bifold Windows bring the same natural spoils as their timber alternative, but take a more streamlined approach to their visual appearance. This minimalistic design choice removes any claustrophobic vibes from your house and replaces it with a bright, positive energy.

Aluminium Louvre Windows

Our Aluminium Louvre Windows are the ideal gateway to a world of crisp, clean air in a moment’s notice. Combined with their stunning stripped-back visual appeal, they have an amazing ‘expanding effect’, which opens up the room and allows it to breathe.

Double Glazing

Available for both Timber and Aluminium Windows, our Double Glazing options allow you to finely tune your living space to that elusive ‘sweet-spot’. By minimising the transfer of energy in and out of your home, Double Glazing keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer.

People Love Door Stop

  • I love my doors, they are great - had them open all weekend and I am glad I took your advice on the fly screens. Thank you for all your service, it was great. Please pass on my thanks to the gentlemen (oops sorry forgotten his name) who fitted the doors, he was terrific). I will be very happy to recommend Door Stop in the future. Many thanks.

  • Thanks again to all staff at DoorStop for wonderful service and for supplying a great product. We are REALLY happy with your (our!) Pivot Door, so thank you David for helping us choose originally. We will certainly recommend your company whenever the opportunity arises.

    Tom and Lynley
    City Beach
  • Would like to say a big thank you for our new pivot door, it looks great and the installer did a great job.


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