Why Do Entrance Doors Cost More?

18 November, 2020

Your front door is much more than an entrance to your home. While it says a lot about you and your personality, it’s also the barrier that exists between your house and the outside. Every day it may face a barrage of elements and differing temperatures, so it needs to be hardwearing and well-constructed.

Interior and entrance doors are not the same product. The construction process is different; internal doors are lighter because they don’t have to withstand the same abuse while entrance doors are produced to be sturdy and robust.

Door Thickness

We’ve already mentioned that all doors are not equal. An entrance door will be thicker and more durable than internal doors, measuring in at 40mm to provide the insulation and protection required. Most entrance doors are 820mm wide and 2040mm tall.

Interior doors are made from a single material whereas entrance doors may consist of several wood layers.


An entrance door will be tough and made out of material which is structurally rigid as well as being pleasing on the eye. Entrance doors may incorporate glass for decoration purposes and glazing always incurs extra costs.

Wooden doors have always been popular because of their connection with nature and their properties which make them natural insulators.

Aluminium doors add a touch of contemporary elegance and are well suited to a modern home. Compared to wood, aluminium will withstand more force, requiring less maintenance year-on-year than wooden doors.


Inevitably you will have more decorative hardware on your front door. Door knockers are a firm favourite and come in different designs and styles. A gold, brass or silver door knocker will add sophistication when paired with a matching house number.

Kick plates and handles along with locking mechanisms will also add to cost. Don’t skimp on security. A high quality front door lock to provide the highest level of security is essential.

Size Entrance

To create a welcoming entry to your home, you may want to consider a double-entry door. Double doors will result in double the expense, but two doors at the front of your home will add balance and uniformity.

Double doors are always beneficial for entertaining when there are lots of guests coming in and out. Removal men will thank you if they’re ever dropping off furniture. They can also provide a greater amount of natural light into the interior, creating a better ambiance as you welcome people into your home.

For all your door requirements, come and visit one of our two showrooms in Perth. At Door Stop we provide high quality, affordable doors that are made to last and all come with a 7-year warranty. Summer is here, so it’s a great time to let the outdoors in, so come and talk to us today and let us help you find your perfect entrance door.

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