Why Are Custom Doors So Expensive?

18 November, 2020

Price is a big factor when it comes to buying doors. While most people opt for doors that you can select from a showroom, there’s also the option to buy custom doors to meet your exact requirements.

A door which is custom made is unique because it’s bespoke and one-of-a-kind. While it may be more expensive, you’ll be investing in better quality, design and safety.

In today’s modern environment, where most people buy mass-produced goods, a custom door that is crafted individually, will stand out from the rest. This type of door requires more work and attention to detail which will inevitably mean the price tag is higher. You may have to pay for extra transportation as well.


Custom doors offer a higher level of security, improved functionality and uncompromised quality. They’re made exactly the way you want them from the very best materials. The craftsmanship involved will be better than on any prefabricated door bought off the rack and will require a high degree of skill and carpentry.


When it’s bespoke, the devil is in the detail. Your door will meet exact specifications, from material and hardware to size. Some people regard custom doors as a piece of functional art which can spark comments and conversation.


You can guarantee that a custom door will be made from stronger, more resilient materials and while it will be more expensive, it could end up saving you money in the long term. Higher quality materials lead to greater durability, so bespoke doors will last for many years and require less maintenance.


With durability, there’s also added security. The time involved with the workmanship and materials used will mean a custom door is sturdier and stronger than those mass produced. An exterior door is your family’s first line of defence against the elements and any intruders. One that is made individually will withstand any tampering or disturbance and is the best deterrent against burglars.


Custom doors are made to last. Because they use high-quality materials, they provide superior insulation which will reduce your energy bills. An additional bonus of greater insulation is sound reduction. A main entrance door which is custom made will block out noisy cars driving pass and any rowdy neighbours.

Better Hardware

Quality hardware will be incorporated within a custom made door to really lift the aesthetics. By choosing your own hardware, you can select the size, material and functionality that may add to the expense.

While standard doors are always the popular choice and may be easier to source, it may be worth the time and cost to opt for custom doors. A bespoke door will set your house apart from any others on the block.

When it comes to door quality and choice, speak to the experts at Door Stop. Our doors are far superior and all are produced and crafted with care. If you want a custom built one, we can help. With 35 years’ experience we are widely regarded as the number one door supplier in Perth. Why not come and see for yourself at our two showrooms in Joondalup and Osborne Park?

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