What Type Of Door Is Best For Garage Entry?

17 February, 2021

The garage is one of those areas which is often overlooked. While its main purpose is to accommodate your cars and motorbikes, more often than not it’s full to the brim with tools, cycles, surfboards and more.

There are twenty million registered motor vehicles in Australia. People love houses with garages because prolonged exposure to the sun can harm the finish of a vehicle with extreme heat damaging a cars and fittings.

There will always be those who don’t bother to park in their garages, but an ever increasing number are choosing homes with integral garages with a garage entry door to provide convenient access to the inside.

Secure And Safe

A strong, sturdy door with a good locking mechanism should be your door of choice. Ideally it should be a solid- core door, one that is as tough as the front door to your home. Solid-core doors are excellent for sound insulation and act as effective fire doors because they are heavy and dense with a thickness of 35mm or 40mm.

If you live in Perth, there are no regulations about it being fire-rated, but if you live on acreage in the bush, then a fire-rated garage entry door will be compulsory. Check with your shire if you’re unsure.

Be mindful that here’s always a risk of a garage fire. Garage fires can be ferocious because of the amount of flammable materials inside with overloaded outlets sparking a blaze. Garage fires can go undetected for long periods and can spread quickly because of garage clutter.

Security should be a priority as well. Intruders do break into a home via the garage rolling door. Offenders can vandalise the motor that lifts the garage door. While they may be targeting your vehicles, if the internal door to your house is weak, they’ll get access into your home as well.

Checklist For A Garage Entry Door

For anyone investigating a garage entry door, these are the key things to consider:

  • Ensure it’s as sturdy as a main front door
  • Install a good deadlock
  • Use a solid core door with good insulation
  • Ensure it has self-closing hinges, so the door is shut unless in use

A door with a thickness of 35mm or 40mm, it will be of superior strength and will have the potential to slow the movement of fire from garage to the house.

Best Material

Solid core wooden doors made from high-quality timber such as meranti have excellent insulation properties and resist wear and tear. Meranti is a hardwood timber that does not warp or twist.

Door Stop offers a range of stylish garage entrance doors at affordable prices. Each comes with a seven year warranty for peace of mind. Our doors are manufactured to withstand Perth’s harsh heat and won’t split or warp. All installation work is carried out by qualified carpenters. Whether it’s a garage entrance door, internal door, sliding or bi-fold door, come and visit our showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup to inspect the quality yourself.

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