What Type Of Door Do I Have?

17 December, 2019

If you’ve just moved to a new house, you’ll be getting used to your new surroundings and that includes the fixtures and fittings which come with it. Most homes will have a variety of different style doors and it can be challenging to know what type is installed.

To help guide you, we’ve been looking at the more popular ones in Australian homes.

Panel Doors

Probably the most common door in Australia, the frame of each door is constructed out of wood and the shutter panels made of wood or plywood. Chances are you probably have one of these in your home as they are affordable, elegant and hardwearing.

The beauty of panel doors is that they can come with single, double or triple panels and can be plain or ornamental. Extremely durable, they can be used internally and externally and can be either painted or polished. Panel doors have the added luxury of providing good noise insulation and their benefits mean you can usually find one on most homes. You can mix the wood with glass so it becomes a panelled and glazed door.

Glass Door

A glass door enhances the flow of light and gives the impression of a greater sense of space. Internal glass doors usually incorporate a single or multiple glass panel in a wooden door frame.

While they are most used as doors leading onto patios, gardens and verandahs, they can also be used internally to maximise light and to create a bright, airy feel to any home.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors, are exactly as they sound, a set of doors hinged together which fold neatly back onto each other in a concertina effect. When opened, you can achieve interrupted views of an outside area. Glazed bifold doors are a great feature leading out onto a garden.

As well as being used on external areas, they can also be used internally when they’re more likely to be made of wood and are a popular choice for wardrobes and an ensuite. The doors are installed on a track which hangs from the top or the head of the opening.

French Doors

French doors are traditionally hinged double doors which usually open outwards. When both sides are opened, they provide an unblocked view. Many people like them at the back of the house so they can open-up onto an al fresco area.

For smaller openings, they are more desirable than sliding or French doors and can be installed with sidelights or additional windows as an added feature.

Sliding Doors

The beauty of sliding doors is that they do not protrude from the wall when you open them so you can really open-up an area of space.

Like bifold doors, they run on a track and the doors will either slide to the left or right, with each pane sitting behind each other. Sliding doors are efficient insulators, so your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you’re thinking of replacing your doors and need expert advice, come and visit a Door Stop showroom in either Joondalup or Osborne Park. With 35 years of industry experience, we can advise you on all your door requirements and install custom doors unique to your needs.

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