What Is The Most Energy Efficient Exterior Door?

26 October, 2019

An exterior door says more about you then you probably realise. Your front door is the gateway to your house and while its appearance is of utmost importance, selecting one which is energy efficient and can reduce your bills should be a priority.

Look at exterior doors in your neighbourhood and you’ll come across many impressive wooden doors. While they look like solid wood the likelihood is many will be engineered.

Why Is An Engineered Door Best?

Our exterior doors are engineered doors which are constructed using large precision machines with the wood coming from sustainable forests so the trees will be replaced for future generations.

Individual pieces of hardwood timber are laminated together in different directions with veneer applied to the surface giving them extra strength. Lipping to the edges matches the colour of the door providing a neat, clean finish with no unsightly knots. This lipping locks out moisture to make it extra tough and a far superior product.

If you buy an engineered door, you’re buying a product which is better adapted to changing weather conditions.

The way its constructed means it’s perfect for the harsh Australian climate as it won’t warp. You needn’t worry about its appearance; it still looks like a natural wood door but is far more robust.

You can still have a solid hardwood frame to match your exterior engineered door so anyone visiting your home will be greeted by a beautiful, natural looking door.

Why Is It Energy Efficient?

An engineered door not only looks elegant, but it’s specially built to be hardwearing with better thermal insulation. In contrast, solid wood doors are prone to expansion and shrinkage due to changes in temperature or moisture. In these doors the timber runs in one direction which means it can easily split.

Greater insulation properties mean you’ll also have a quieter house, so you don’t need to worry about the next-door neighbours late night party. The biggest plus is longevity, wood-engineered doors will last for decades and need very minimal maintenance.

Install it correctly with a good frame and you can say goodbye to high energy bills. Our doors all reach mandatory fire ratings and with a quality lock you can have peace of mind about security.

At Door Stop we have a variety of superior engineered exterior doors which can be bought off-the-shelf. We offer an affordable installation service and can fit your door at a time which suits you.

We’re confident our doors will meet your expectations and we offer a seven-year warranty for reassurance. We’re one of the largest suppliers and stockists of doors in WA and use only premium graded veneers and solid wood components. With two showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup and with 35 year’s industry experience, we’re the company of choice for doors in Perth.

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