What Is The Best Lubricant For Squeaky Doors?

17 February, 2021

It’s one of life’s most irritating noises, a squeaky door. Just like changing a lightbulb, it’s not that hard to fix, but it can take forever to get around to doing the job. It takes just minutes to deal with annoying squeaks, and to get rid of that mouse noise coming from your door. It’s all about giving the hinges a bit of lubrication to stop and peep or future squeaks.

Why Do Doors Squeak?

Doors will squeak because over time the screws to the hinges can become loose. If it’s not the screws to the door hinges, it may be the hinge pin itself that has become dislodged. The squeak will get worse if grime and gunk get into the hinges and the metal becomes corroded. New metal is shiny, but as it ages it can become more abrasive.

A little bit of lubricant around the hinges will make them slippery, so there’s enough slide to prevent any further squeaks.

The Professional Super Lube WD-40

Probably the most trusted lubricant and a firm favourite on shelves in garages and workshops throughout Australia is WD-40. It’s been around since the 1950s and is considered to be the super lube of choice by many DIY enthusiasts.

A thin petroleum-based liquid, apply the lubricant to hinges from an aerosol can. It was originally developed in California when the Rocket Chemical Company was trying to develop a line of solvents to prevent rust in rocket parts. Spray the WD-40 directly into the door hinges, so that no surplus oil gets on the door or trim.

The Alternative Lubricants

If you don’t have any WD-40, then there are a few alternatives. Some swear by cooking oil, a staple in most kitchen pantries. Any type of cooking oil will suffice, it doesn’t have to be a premium grade. There is, of course, the possibility that if use cooking oil you’ll end up with a sticky door as well as a squeaky one!

From the kitchen to the bathroom…another suggested option is Vaseline. For both cooking oil and Vaseline, place a small amount on your finger and rub it into the hinge.

If The Squeak Remains…

If the squeak doesn’t stop and you’ve lubricated the hinges, you may need to physically remove the hinge pin and spray it individually before reinserting it into the door. This may be tricky because for some doors you’ll have to unscrew the whole door to access the hinge which can be a two person job.

If the squeaking resolves itself but then returns later, it could be that your door isn’t aligned properly. If the door isn’t balanced correctly within the frame, there may be added pressure on the door hinges. To resolve the problem, you’ll need to have it reset which is best done by a professional door fitter.

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