What Is The Best Front Door Security Camera?

16 October, 2020

As smart home technology has advanced, so have security camera systems with prices becoming more affordable. The long cables and leads of yesteryear have been replaced by modern wireless security cameras.

How Do Wireless Security Systems Work?

A wireless security system is just as it sounds, a security system which connects to your Wi-Fi internet network. It’s the eye in the sky keeping your home safe.

Internet connected cameras allow you to have a live real-time view of what’s happening on your doorstep, even if you’re well, not on your doorstep.

Newer security systems are small and unobtrusive and while they connect with your home via Wi-Fi, most will still be plugged into the mains with a back-up battery system in case of a power cut.

It’s All About Positioning

Your camera should be directly over your main entrance door, pointing down at an angle, ideally eight to ten feet from the ground. You want it low enough to capture detail but high enough, so it won’t be tampered with. Of course you’ll want a good field view to capture the area around your front door.

A camera pointing downwards is a great deterrent to stop burglars in their tracks. Finding the right angle to complement the position of the camera is just as important as the placement itself.

Get The Right Resolution

It’s no good installing front door security cameras if the video is blurred. Don’t skimp on low resolution as there may come a time when you wished you’d captured number plates and faces.

Look for a camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) as it can brighten up the dark areas, offering better detail. HDR widens the exposure range, so you don’t lose any detail when it’s dark at night and bright during the day. Ideally, you’ll want it to record to 1080p with greater pixels, so the images are clear to see.

Access Your Video Remotely

Apps will allow you to monitor your front door security camera at any time. You can live stream footage or look back on recordings. Some cameras will only trigger recording when motion is detected and will send email or text alerts when this happens.

Recorded footage can be kept on a memory card, in the cloud or in files on a laptop or home computer.

Making A Selection

There are many security cameras on the market, some of the more popular ones in Australia include Arlo, Nest, Logitech, Hive and Motorolo. Before buying a front door security camera do some research to check it has the right functions you require.

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