What Can I Use Instead Of A Bifold Door?

26 July, 2021

If there is one type of door that has seen its popularity soar in the past decade, it is bifold doors – a wall of doors that stack back on each other in a concertina effect. They are perfect between your living area and garden to open the view.

But they’re not the only option for large, glazed doors. In recent times homeowners are demanding larger glass areas with more natural light. While bifold doors look contemporary and elegant, other alternatives look just as stylish and meet today’s desire for a minimalist look.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have moved on in design and appearance since the 1980s. You can now buy sliding doors that look equally as sophisticated as bifold doors. Bifolds need more stacking space when open than sliding doors which require limited floor space.

Sliding doors glide along a track so that one glass pane slides seamlessly over another. They are the perfect option for large openings to maximise your space while offering uninterrupted views from your home.

A big plus for sliding doors is the large expanse of glass with a minimal frame so you can enjoy an abundance of natural light and uninterrupted views of your garden.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors can be impressive because of the way they function. Instead of having regular hinges, pivot doors swing on a vertical axis – a spindle. Pivot doors operate just as the name suggests. They are typically offset with the pivot point away from the door frame, meaning they don’t have hinges.

The pivot design is more unusual because of the way they operate. These doors make a dramatic statement and offer something different and are available in larger sizes with extra width and height than your average hinged door.

Hinged French Doors

French doors exude balance and elegance. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and originate in France. In the Renaissance era, the French liked to design windows and doors with classical proportions and symmetry.

French doors look impressive, are hung in pairs and made of an expanse of glass to allow natural light to flood in. Most open outwards, but they can open inwards as well. Unlike bifold doors, French doors require no sliding tracks and mount to the door frame.

To stop them from slamming shut when it’s windy, use retaining hooks to fix them back to a wall.

When French doors open, there’s a large area to allow greater traffic flow inside and outside your home. Simple yet stylish, they are in homes around the world.

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