What Are The Best Patio Doors For Cold Weather?

5 December, 2019

Big, bold patio doors look fantastic and come into their own on summer days, but don’t forget you’ll have to live with your door choices all year round, come rain or shine.

So, when the sun’s gone away and the nights have drawn in, is your room going to be cosy and snug or cold and draughty? Are your big doors going to mean big heating bills – or a big chill?

Feel The Heat

Replacing a solid wall with glass doors can affect a room’s heat retention – something that’s true of all doors. Luckily, your choice of style is not as important as the quality of the frame and glass when it comes to avoiding draughts. If you have a fancy for French style, or are reckoning on a ranchslider, their relative winter performance needn’t be a deciding factor.

Swings Or Roundabouts?

Traditionally, French doors have had a reputation as draughty and hard to maintain. While it is true that wear and tear on the hinges may require some maintenance, modern techniques have refined both the finish and the function.

Similarly, sliding doors are known to feel cold to the touch, a sign of heat loss through the glass. Fortunately, modern sealed and gas-filled glazed units are surprisingly energy-efficient. Double glazing or thicker panes will keep out the cold much more effectively than standard glass, and a variety of coatings are also available which make the glass more resilient against the cold.

Shivering Or Scorching?

The added value of winter-proofing your patio doors is that you will also feel the benefit during the real summer scorchers by keeping out the heat. Air-conditioning units work best with the doors and windows closed and with no heat transference from outside, you can be guaranteed to keep your cool.

Perfect Fit

Whatever style of doors you choose, good fitting is essential. A professional fitter will ensure that your doors will close perfectly without leaving any gaps. The correct fit will not only shut out draughts, but deaden sound from outside, helping to create a ‘haven’ for your winter hibernation.

If you need further advice, talk to the team at Door Stop. Our doors come with a seven-year warranty for peace of mind and we offer interest free finance. We can help you find a door solution which will work best for the age, style and orientation of your property, so you can look forward to many warm winters ahead.

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