What Are The Best Locks For Front Doors

29 March, 2019

Were you aware that most criminals will break-in through the front door of a house? Installing a good lock to stop any unwanted guests should be a top priority.

Here at Door Stop, we’ve been looking at the best front door locks to protect your home. A traditional deadbolt lock is a lock bolt that is moved by turning a key without any need for a spring and is the preferred choice for front doors. Smart locks combine the best of traditional deadbolts with new technology to deliver a good standard of safety.

Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt lock has a steel bolt which extends into a door jamb and strike plate of the door frame. There are different types, but the most common ones are single deadbolt and a double deadbolt.

Both deadbolt locks consist of a cylinder operated by a key, a bolt which slides in and out of the door jamb and a turn mechanism that allows you to manually control the bolt from the inside of your house.

The toughest deadbolt locks are made of hardened steel or brass. The cylinder or bolt can also be reinforced with hidden steel plates which will strengthen the lock even further.

Single Or Double

A single cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key from the outside and with a turn mechanism inside. They are cheaper to buy and install.

A double-cylinder is operated with a key on the inside and outside which means there is no turning mechanism on the inside. It offers enhanced security and means that if an intruder breaks the glass and reaches inside, there is no turning mechanism to get in easily.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are popular and offer greater flexibility. You can control access to your door through your phone and create temporary keys to let people into your home. Most work with a deadlock system to give you reassurance over security.

Get A Good Strike Plate

The strike plate is crucial with any front door. This is the metal piece which holds everything together when the doorjamb is locked.

There are plenty of locks on the market which have short wooden screws, which attach the strike plate to the jamb. Any intruder can easily kick the door in, and the screws can easily tear out soft wood. Resistance is far better if you use longer screws on your plate.

Check The Door Frame

While it’s important to get the right lock, also pay attention to your door. Weak doors, especially hollow-core doors may give way before the lock.

Research shows that the more people that live at a house, the more likely it is to be left unlocked. A door lock is no good if people forget to lock it. Most intruders will target a house if they discover there is a door which hasn’t been locked.

If you need help and advice, ask the experts here at Door Stop. All our doors, locks and accessories are backed by guarantees so you can always buy with confidence. We have two showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup and have 35 years’ experience, so come and talk to us today about your requirements.

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