What Are The Best External Doors For Security?

18 October, 2018

Is burglary a problem in your neighbourhood?

According to the latest WA Police statistics, there are over 1800 homes robbed each year.

Sobering figures, but there are ways to deter and prevent burglars from even attempting to break into your home, and they start with a good secure external door.

Solid And Sound Advice

A third of burglars enter a house through the front door, either because it’s unlocked, or because they can force an entry. So it’s little wonder that one of the top pieces of advice from WA Police is that householders should have a solid wood or solid-core door.

Solid-core is made from wood or MDF and covered with a veneer to give it strength and security. Hollow-core doors are generally unsuitable for external fitting, as they offer the least protection from burglars, and are easier to force open and break through.

Visually, a well-fitted and solid-looking front door is off-putting for a casual burglar. A crook checking out a neighbourhood for potential targets will soon move on from a property which has a good, solid external door with a peephole or more than one visible lock.

Lock It Up

Police also recommend that householders have deadbolts or deadlocks fitted to doors. A quality deadbolt lock can’t be kicked in and won’t open with a credit card swipe. A deadbolt should extend beyond the doorframe into your wall for added security.

At Door Stop, we offer a range of locks and handles that not only provide security, but look great and complement your door. Fortunately, you don’t need to turn your home into a fortress to achieve peace of mind. A reliable and secure door can still look stylish and complement the rest of your home.

Out Of Sight Access

Of course, a secure front door is only half the issue when it comes to stopping burglars in their tracks. An opportunist will head straight round to the back entrance for easy access. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a sliding, bi-fold or French door to improve the flow into your back garden or deck.

Our products not only have a range of secure locks, we can also supply and fit screens both for security and to stop those other unwanted invaders, any insects. Talk to us about the safest positioning of glass and pet flaps to keep your doors functional but secure.

Extra Precautions

Ensure that there’s no glass near the door knob. It’s doesn’t matter how strong of a door you have installed; if someone can simply break the glass and reach around to allow themselves, it’s all pointless.

If you must have glass by your door, consider double glazing. Double glazed windows are far more difficult to break and after smashing one panel of glass, having made noise, and still not gaining access; there’s a chance the would-be thief could flee.

If you’re wanting a pet door, try to keep it small enough so that slim adult isn’t able to squeeze through it. Keep in mind that thieves often prefer accessing through the rear of the home, keeping out of sight of any neighbours and having some time to flee if they hear the homeowners approaching the front.


Make sure that you are vigilant and keep a habit of locking up every time you leave the house, even if just popping down to the shops.

Don’t rely on one line of defence. If someone is really determined to break in, they will. Whether it’s through your door, window or even through your roof. Consider additional layers of security, such as cameras and/or a home alarm.


Lastly, don’t give the impression of an empty home. Thieves often stroll through neighbourhoods spotting which homes are easy targets, so show that your home regularly by making sure you take your bins up the drive as soon as possible on bin day and don’t let your mailbox start overflowing with junk mail.

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

All doors and accessories at Door Stop are backed by industry leading seven-year conditional guarantees meaning that you can buy with absolute confidence, regardless of which door you choose.

Of course, Door Stop offers all of the solid core doors with double glazing options mentioned in our advice above. So, why not speak to our experts to find out more?

With two showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup and with 35 year’s industry experience in doors and associated fixtures and fittings, we can help with all your requirements.

But remember, whatever door and locks you choose – don’t forget to use them!

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