What Are The Benefits Of Double Glazed Doors?

13 September, 2019

We’re all trying to bring down our household energy bills, and there’s one easy way to cut costs and that’s by installing double-glazed doors. Double-glazed doors have been around for a long time, but as electricity and gas prices continue to rise, they’re becoming a more popular choice for homeowners.

A double-glazed window is exactly as it sounds, having two panes instead of one and these are around 16mm apart. In between the glass panes is a layer of argon gas, making them airtight so they insulate your home much better. We’ve been exploring why they’re the preferred choice for many.

Regulates Temperature Inside Your House

Double-glazed doors keep the draughts out and the warmth in. The thicker glass prevents heat energy from passing through in the summer, while blocking cooler air in the winter.

They work so efficiently at regulating temperatures internally, it means you won’t freeze when it’s cold outside or swelter when it’s sunny. Heat loss can be reduced by as much as half and even more if you install some good insulated curtains.

Better Security

Because double-glazed doors feature two panels, it means they’re extremely tough and harder to break making them a real deterrent for burglars. They offer a high level of durability and so can withstand a lot of force with advanced locking systems to keep you safe and secure.

Minimises Noise

Double-glazed doors are a great barrier against noise, which means if you live next to a park or school you won’t hear dogs barking or children playing during school break-time. The reason they’re so effective at keeping out noise is because of the two panes of glass.

A good set of double-glazed doors will keep out as much as 90% of external noise. Less noise means a quieter, more peaceful home which creates a better ambience.

Open-Up Space

One of the best features of double-glazed doors is that they can open-up a house and offer a sense of space. It’s lovely to look out of double-glazed doors and see the greenery and beauty of the outdoors. Double-glazed doors let in acopious amount of light making your rooms feel bright and airy.

Reduce Moisture And Look Appealing

Double-glazed windows can modernise your property transforming it from outdated to updated. They will also reduce the build-up of condensation and greatly limit the amount of excess moisture on the inside of your windows. Too much condensation can result in mould developing which can be both unhealthy and unsightly.

If you’ve been considering double-glazed doors, come and take a look at what we offer here at Door Stop. Double glazed doors offer all-round advantages and are guaranteed to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. All our doors come with a seven-year warranty and are both affordable and of a superior quality.

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