What Are Standard Bi-Fold Door Sizes?

21 January, 2019

Bi-fold doors offer both flexibility and sophistication and are popular in today’s Australian home. Glazed bi-fold doors are great at maximising natural light and have become a sought-after feature in a contemporary house.

Bi-fold doors can work anywhere, be it in a small apartment or a large mansion, as the panels work together to fit any aperture.

They’ve also become the doors of choice in many commercial properties as they work well to close-off meeting areas. There’s the option to stack the doors to one or both sides.

They’re made up of multiple panels, each one connects to its neighbour via hinges so that it expands and collapses like a concertina.

Doors are fitted to runners, and when opened they slide and fold at the same time, so it’s a smooth seamless operation.

They way they’re produced and function means bi-fold doors can encompass entire walls and open up a living space.

Standard Doors

Most bi-fold door configurations are designed to fit openings of 1800mm and over. Door configurations can vary, and will depend where they’re being fitted. Our panels come in three width sizes - 820mm, 770 mm and 720mm. The size of your aperture will determine the number of panels you need, either three, four, five or more.

You can fit several larger panels together or smaller ones.

Larger ones will need more room to open out and of course, the more panels you have, the more space you’ll need when they’re folded back. You can have your bi-fold doors custom made, but this will obviously work out more expensive.

Internal bi-fold panel doors are the same thickness as other Australian internal doors – that’s 35 mm thick. If you have five panels in your door then basic maths will mean you’ll have a 175 mm stack when the doors are concertinaed back to one side.

  • 2040mm X 720mm X 35mm
  • 2040mm X 770mm X 35mm
  • 2040mm x 820mm X 35mm

If you’re looking for bi-fold doors externally, you can order them bespoke for your requirements.

Traffic Doors

You don’t have to have an even number of doors, although most people opt for pairs of doors. With an odd number of doors, one will usually become the so called ‘traffic’ door that will operate separately from others.

A traffic door allows quick and easy access in and out of a room without having the need to fold back any panels. If your bi-folding door is the only way in and out of a room, then incorporating a traffic door would be a good option.

The beauty of bi-fold doors is that 90% of an entranceway or aperture can be opened up, so it really does offer that feeling of space.

As always, it’s good to rely on some expert advice when selecting your bi-fold doors, so why not speak to the team at Door Stop to find out more? We have two showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup and with 35 years’ industry experience in doors and associated fixtures and fittings, we can help with all your requirements.

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