Should You Have Glass In Your Front Door?

17 October, 2019

There’s an obvious purpose to a front door, but aside from letting you in and out, it needs to be robust, secure and add curb appeal to your home

A front door is the gateway to a home and as such it should contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Get the wrong style and you’ll be reminded of your mistake every time you cross the door’s threshold.

Will It Suit Your House?

When considering what’s best for you, look at the design of your home and consider whether a front door with glass within it will complement the building. You don’t have to select a door that is completely glazed, you could opt for smaller glass panels instead within a wooden framework.

What should you consider with a glass door?

Living in Perth, which has the more sunshine hours than any other city, you’ll need a door which has a good thermal ability. In the summer you want to keep the heat out, while in the winter keep the warmth in.

If you live in a rural area you can buy doors with 6mm tempered safety glass, so it meets standard requirements of a building in a designated bush fire zone. It’s a very strong glazing option created with safety in mind.

A door also exists to protect you and your family, so consider the level of toughness with a glazed door and the force required to break the glass.

What Are The Pros?

Glass is transparent so even with smaller panels you’ll be letting in natural sunlight which could save on your energy bills and increase light flow.

With glazed elements in your door you’ll be able to see a guest and identify them before opening and greeting a visitor. Likewise, if it’s a salesman you’ll know whether you want to open the door to speak to them.

What Are The Cons?

Too much glass could result in a lack of privacy. It’s a two-way street – while you can see out, others can see in, it may bother you that your neighbours can see into your personal space.

Of course, there’s the option to have your door with frosted glass so that it can still let in light while you can retain your own privacy. If you want the best of both worlds you can have clear glass and install blinds, which is a great compromise.

Whether you just want to see out over your front garden, or enjoy the sunlight flooding into your front hall, glass panes in your front door can really enhance your home.

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