Should I Replace My Door Frame?

6 July, 2021

Do you ever examine the frame that surrounds your door? It’s something you glance at now and again without really valuing its purpose. Most frames are wood, and on external doors, they are vulnerable to damage from the weather elements.

If you treat and protect them with weatherproof paint or varnish, you will prolong their life, but eventually, that frame will start to decay.

If your door frame is damaged, you may be able to repair it, but when do you know it is time for a new one?

Scratches And Marks

Marks and dents will alter the appearance of a door frame, but these scuffs are just cosmetic and won’t affect functionality.

Wood fillers or paint will improve the appearance to make it more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. When using a wood filler, smooth the damaged area and then blend it down with sandpaper.

Draught Through The Door Frame

If you feel a draught, it could be due to gaps or cracks between the frame and door.

A sealant will rectify the problem. There are plenty of products on the market - like silicone weather stripping - to fill that space around your doors to make them draught-free once more.

Rotting Door Frame

If your door frame is starting to rot, then the issue is more serious. If there are only minor areas of rot, it is easy to rectify. Take the rotted area by cutting it out. Then add some wood filler to make it good. If the rot is extensive, your whole frame needs replacing.

Door frames are susceptible to rot where water collects. Rotting timber will feel spongey and may look darker in appearance. If the area dries out, the wood will crack and crumble. If you don’t act promptly, the rotting timber will worsen.

If you have painted your wooden door, it is more difficult to tell if it is rotting. A simple test is to insert a thin-bladed knife into the timber. If it sinks in and won’t stop, it’s a definite sign of rot.

Infested Door Frame

Rot isn’t the only thing to damage the integrity of a wooden door frame. Insects like to bury inside deadwood. There are over 300 species of termites in Australia, but only a handful can cause problems - with white ants being the worst eating away at structural timbers.

Termites can bury and penetrate a door frame to such an extent that it is at risk of collapse. Termites make a lot of noise when they are eating the wood. You can tell if they’re munching away through your door frame by putting your ear close to it and listening for them. If your door frame has an infestation, then it’s time for a new one.

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