Pros And Cons Of A Dog Flap In A Door

27 May, 2022

Make no bones about it – we are a nation of pet lovers. According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with 61% of households owning pets - most are dogs.

There’s a fair bit of equipment you’ll need with a dog and many people consider investing in a dog door or dog flap.

A dog flap or pet door is a small opening to allow dogs to enter and exit a building without needing a person to open the door. But is it worthwhile getting one for your home?


A door flap means your four-legged friends can move around at ease, having free access to play in the backyard and to enjoy outdoor exercise.

It will virtually guarantee no more accidents in the home, a perfect solution to ensure your hound toilets outside.

A dog flap is paw-fect (excuse the pun) because it boosts a dog's confidence and can reduce boredom and stress.

It can put an end to unwanted behaviours – no more destructive chewing, noisy barking or clawing and scratching furniture or doors. They’re versatile and can fit into a glazed patio door, bi-fold or wooden door at purchase or as a retro-fit.


It can be easy to install the wrong size pet flap - that tiny bundle of fur could grow into a massive mutt, so do some research about the size of your pet beforehand. For example, a German shepherd at three months old is less than half the size it will be when fully grown. Be aware of your dog’s potential width as well as height. 

Your pet may take a while to get used to it. It might not take to the door flap immediately - pets get easily stressed, so best to let your dog examine the door in their own time.

Installing a dog flap in a door may make the warranty for that door void. Some argue it is a security risk creating a weak point in your home to make it more susceptible for an intruder to gain entry.

Beware of inquisitive toddlers who may use the door to crawl in and out – children love to play games and a dog flap is a tunnel as far as they’re concerned and they may get stuck!

If you're houseproud it may not suit you because it will encourage more dirt into your home. Imagine the filth your dog may bring on after a roll in a puddle?

A dog flap may be inviting for your dog, but it could be welcoming to others – the neighbour’s cat, a possum, rodents and snakes…you get the gist? They may all inadvertently wander into your home.

Don’t get in a flap – talk to us

Do you think a dog flap would work well for you and your dog - then why not come and talk to us? We are one of Perth’s leading door specialists and have more than 35 years’ experience offering entrance, bi-fold and custom-made doors.

We can get that door flap fitted as part of your door package so why not visit one of our showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup to see what we have on offer?

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