Perth Entrance Door Frame Innovation

22 March, 2018

1200mm wide entrance doors are becoming more and more popular.Unfortunately, as many homes are being built with only eves cover above the front door, the industry standard timber sill with rubber door strip has become problematic with regard to weather sealing.

Common problems are; day light showing in the corners of the frame, sand blowing in and water ingress during heavy storms.

A new aluminium threshold came to the market but this has its own set of issues, especially for renovators.Due to the low profile, there is often little or no clearance inside for a door mat. The aluminium threshold can also be problematic and aesthetically unappealing when a door and side panels is required.As it cannot be stained or painted to match the rest of the frame or the entrance door, this can also be disappointing visually.

The new DoorStop high performance external door frame has eliminated all these problems.With its clever self-draining sill and removable aqua seals to all four sides, it can handle everything the WA climate can throw at it.This smart looking frame is available exclusively from DoorStop in a huge range of standard and custom sizes, to suit any configuration, including side panels. It can also be painted or stained to match your door.

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