Is it safe to have a front door with glass?

20 July, 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions from anyone considering a new front door is whether a door incorporating glass is safe.

A common misconception is that a glazed door can be easily damaged and targeted by burglars. You'll be surprised to learn how tough they are!

There are many versatile front door options which incorporate transparent, frosted glass and lead lighting. All these options open up a view and enhance the natural light in your home.

Any glass fitted in homes and buildings – and that includes within doors - has to comply with Australian standards and meet safety guidelines.  

What type of glass is best for front doors?

Not all glass is the same - glass used in most front doors throughout Australia is a safety glass known as laminated, toughened to prevent damage. If it should ever break, it will not shatter, the glass chunks will remain in place. You won’t be on the brunt of dangerous shards flying around that may create a potential injury hazard.  

Intruders will never enter your property because they physically cannot break through the glass.

Laminated glass is different from toughened glass. It’s thicker, so it has higher insulation properties and better resistance against shock and damage. As well as safety and security, laminated glass within your front door is better for soundproofing. Another benefit, it blocks out the sun’s UV rays, so you'll never have to deal with faded furniture.

How is laminated glass manufactured?

In simplest terms, a plastic layer of tough resin fits between two panes of thick glass. This layer is synthetic, either a sheet of ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PBA). It exists to keep the glass bonded and retained in the frame even when glass breaks.

Laminated glass is in shower doors, cupboards, shop fronts, vehicle windscreens, skylights, and glass partitioned walls and can come in regular lengths or cut to size, but this has to be done by a professional.

Benefits of a front door with glass 

Never overlook a front door with glass because it will be sturdier and safer than you can ever imagine. Glass maximises the amount of sunlight coming in through the door to give you an entryway flooded in light. 

A part-glazed entrance door with panelling, either horizontal or vertical, is a popular choice with either frosted or translucent glass.

You don’t have to sacrifice front door security with a glass door. Many argue they are more secure than a solid metal, wood or composite door.

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