Is It Hard To Replace A Door Frame?

12 April, 2021

Browse any DIY store, and you can be sure that there will be an aisle or two devoted to doors. We’re talking door frames, doors, handles, stoppers, and locks - a treasure trove of door paraphernalia.

Why is there so much stuff? Because there are doors in very house. The main elements are the door itself and the door frame which is essentially the framework supporting everything together.

But how easy is it to replace a door frame if you’re a novice DIY-er?

How Long Will It Take?

You’ll need patience and plenty of time. It’s a far easier task if your doorway is a standard size and your walls are perfectly straight. Accurate measurements are crucial to achieving the best fit. It could take up to a day to remove the existing frame and architrave before fitting a new one.

Preparing To Fit Your Door

To fit the door, you’ll need the right tools, and this includes:

  • Screwdriver
  • Crowbar
  • Spirit level and plumb line
  • Hammer
  • Screws and nails
  • Chisel
  • Sealant and mortar
  • Handsaw

Ensure you have the right frame for your door. Measure the width and height of the opening and add an extra 10cm to allow for the new frame. Keep your new door frame flat and do not rest it against anything to prevent it from warping or being damaged.

Out With The Old …

Remove the door from the frame. Loosen the hinges by tapping them with a hammer, then pull the door out. Unscrew the hinge pins from the door jamb.

The next job is to take down the trim, also known as casing or architrave. Do it as carefully as you can as you may be able to reuse it again. If the architrave is set firmly into plaster, use a utility knife down the trim to loosen the caulking securing the trim to the wall. Pry the old trim away from the wall.

Insert a pry bar underneath and gently lever it, so it falls lose. Remove any fixings that hold the door frame in place. When the frame is loose, break the side jambs by cutting through them with a hand saw. Lift out the frame.

…And In With The New

Now it’s time to fit the new one. Hold it in place with wooden supports while you check the levels. Ensure it is straight and centred.

Drill holes into each jamb to fit the screws. The holes need to be evenly positioned so the load is spread. Use expanding foam insulation in the spaces between the frame and wall. Secure the frame with screws. Fill in any gaps and then apply caulk around the edge of the frame. Once fitted, replace the architrave.

If this sounds like hard work, then why not ask a professional for help? All the doors at Door Stop are fitted by qualified carpenters with years’ of experience who work methodically without any mess. We stock beautiful doors at affordable prices with expert installation, so why not visit one of our display centres today?

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