How Much Does It Cost To Hang A Door In Perth?

29 October, 2018

There’s a fair bit of skill, time and expertise involved in hanging a door. It may seem one of those daunting DIY tasks which you dread, can there be anything worse than spending hours trying to hang a door which then won’t close properly?

While no one will notice a door which is fitted correctly, one that’s wrongly installed will stand out like a sore thumb. An ill-fitting door may rattle whenever there’s a breeze or swing open by itself.

Here at Door Stop we know how much doors can totally transform your home. Here’s some guidance so you can decide whether to fit them yourself or call in the experts.


There are many different doors on the market so it can vary in price to hang a door. On average here in WA, you should allow at least $150 and upwards in labour costs for your average internal door and an external door costing upwards of $500 to hang.

Cost will also depend on whether you need one or two to people to do the job. The heavier the door, the more people you’ll need to fit it. Exterior doors are generally bigger and heavier than internal ones.

Generally speaking a basic hinged door will take less time than a sliding or double door to fit. If you’re replacing an old door with something similar then costs should be fairly minimal. If you’re replacing a door with a different closing mechanism, then it will obviously be more expensive.

The type of material used may also impact on costs. Doors come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from wood, glass or UPVC.

Fitting A Door

If the existing door is wooden and in good shape without any damage, then you may be able to install a slab door. This is just a rectangular slab of material which attaches to the door frame with hinges which are bought separately. Hardware such as door knobs will need to be attached.

For other doors, you may need to replace the frame, especially if the wooden door frame is warped or has been damaged over time.

If you want to hang a wooden door, there a few elements involved. You will have to make the jamb, assemble and secure it, set out hinges and cut recesses. Then you have to prepare the opening, add any hardware, pack the lock side and add any architrave.

Remember an ill-fitting door can be an eyesore. Sometimes it’s better to call in the experts who have not only the necessary skills but also the right equipment.

Here at Door Stop, we can offer advice on installation or hang the doors for you. We have 35 years’ experience in supplying a variety of doors and they all come with guarantees. We will happily custom-make doors to suit your requirements. Come and take a look at our range at our two showrooms in Joondalup and Osborne Park.

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