How Are Bi-Fold Doors Measured?

29 November, 2018

Replacing your sliding doors to the garden with bi-fold doors can be a great investment, as they bring the outdoors into a room almost completely, increasing light and improving air flow. When fitted properly, they also provide security and efficient weatherproofing.

The latest technology has made bi-fold doors an attractive and affordable option for homeowners who want to upgrade their house. At Door Stop, our current range of bi-folding doors has an option to suit every door opening and buyers’ budget.

On The Right Track

While early versions of the bi-fold door were fitted on hinges in the wall at one end only, modern track-fitted doors have an even weight distribution, which gives a smoother, lighter operation. This means less stress to the fittings for a longer lifespan.

No one wants their new door to let in draughts or to stick when opening, so a correct fit is vitally important. Accurate measuring is key to achieving a neatly-fitted door which will enhance your room and glide open and closed smoothly. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity can actually affect the fit of a door, so a good door fitted correctly will take this into account and allow year-round integrity.

What’s Your Angle?

Each track and door system has its own sets of instructions, and will vary slightly in the fitting, although the principles are the same. These include:

  • Don’t cut corners – precision is paramount when measuring.
  • Your doors have to be parallel and your door hinges have to be positioned perfectly to ensure this.
  • You’re looking for right angles – the sides of the door opening should be perpendicular to the upper track and the floor. Your upper track and floor need to be completely parallel.
  • The lower brackets need to be positioned at the right distance from the walls and in relation to the upper track.
  • The instructions will tell you exactly where the pivot plates should go. These are the plates that joins the doors to the frame and correct positioning will make for that perfect gliding action you’re looking for.

It Takes Two To Measure

There are several measurements that need to be taken to ensure your new doors are a perfect fit. Get help for this as two people can measure more easily than one. You’ll need to take four sets of measurements:

  • Working down vertically, take width measurements of your entire door opening at the top, middle and bottom of the frame.
  • Measure the door opening height at each end of the frame. These should be the same – if not, use the smaller measurement to ensure your door will fit the opening.
  • A diagonal measurement will reveal whether the opening has right angles (which is what you want). Compare measurements from the top left corner to the bottom right, and vice versa, they should be the same. If they differ, you may need to allow for trimming when fitting.
  • Check the size of your door frame rebate (this is the recessed and flush threshold where to door site, and keeps the room weather proof). The thickness of your door will depend on the width of your rebate, allowing up to 5mm clearance for a smooth fit.
    If you don’t want to take the measurements yourself, Door Stop offers a complete professional measuring and installation service in and around Perth. Book a no-obligation free consultation with us to find out more

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