Gas strut window v bifold window

7 October, 2022

A house with a view is something we all desire. If you have a lovely vista, you will probably want to connect the inside to the outside with windows that enhance your entertaining experience.

Servery windows not only open up to an outdoor space, but are also functional, allowing you to easily pass foods and drinks through to guests.

Two styles of servery windows dominate the market – the gas strut window and bifold window. To help you decide what will serve you best (no pun intended), here are the pros and cons of each one.

Gas strut windows

A gas strut window functions like an awning window, pushing upwards and outwards to 90 degrees through a hinged strut mechanism. Each strut is composed of a shaft connected to a piston within a cylinder or housing containing nitrogen gas.

When the strut opens or closes, gas gets displaced through a hole. The pressure acting on the shaft enables it to hold its position.

It opens up in its entirety and cannot be partially opened. One single push will manoeuvre it out and up.

Gas strut windows are the perfect way to increase airflow and light to your home while allowing you to socialise with guests outside as you prepare food and drinks indoors.

Unlike bifold windows that can take up room on your bench, a gas strut window won't impact space - there are no vertical panels blocking the view.

Whereas they are easy to push upwards, they are more awkward to pull in, although you can use a pole to draw them back in a similar way you pull down blinds. There are no tracks for this type of servery window.

Bifold windows

Bifold windows can be partially or fully open, offering greater flexibility, so if the sun suddenly dips behind a cloud and a rain shower looks imminent you can part close the length of window. 

They stack back on each other in a concertina effect. Because of the way they operate, they take up more space.

Easier to open and close than a gas strut window, you can increase them to the length you require by adding more panels.

Each panel has its own framework, so when your bifold windows are closed, they may partially block your view.

Bifold windows require sills, can easily be recessed into server benches and are smooth to operate.  Among the most secure types of windows that exist, they are a deterrent to burglars. Completely enclosed on tracks, intruders will have a tough job lifting them out or breaking in.

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