Door Knobs Verses Door Handles

23 November, 2018

We open and close doors every day using door knobs and door handles or levers, but sometimes we forget how much style they add to a room. Whatever choice you make, it will say a lot about your décor and personality and while you may select a doorknob or handle for its looks, it also needs to be functional.

There’s a huge variety of door handles and knobs available and each one will have benefits and drawbacks. To help you decide what you should select, the experts at Door Stop have come up with some pros and cons for each, so you can get a handle on what’s best for you.

Pros Of Door Knobs

Door knobs have always been a popular choice here in Australia. They were invented in the 17th century and are perfect for use in family homes. Some would class them as the safer option because you’re less likely to bump into them or snag your dress on them.

Knobs work well in traditional, older properties which may be fitted with surface mounted rim locks. They’ve come a long way in design with plenty of different finishes including glass and ceramic.

For those who have clever pets who like to open doors, it’s a bit hard to wrap a paw around a door knob and turn – making it easier to ensure that your pets aren’t going to let themselves into the bedroom and make themselves comfortable on your bed.

Doors knobs are also considerably more difficult for toddlers/small children to open which helps stop them accessing rooms that haven’t been meticulously child-proofed.

Cons Of Door Knobs

While door knobs require a certain amount of strength to hold them and an ability to twist them, it does mean that people with physical disabilities and weaknesses may struggle to use them. They’re banned in new-build homes in the Canadian city of Vancouver in favour of more user friendly and accessible levers.

There are now more oval shaped designs which goes some way to resolve the problem, enhancing grip and leverage.

Door knobs are also inconvenient when you’re trying to open a door with dirty/wet hands without also getting the door knob mucky.

Pros Of Door Handles

Door handles are generally easier to use than door knobs as they are simpler to manoeuvre. Most commercial buildings have switched over to the lever style of handles because of their functionality.

If you want your home to look modern and stylish, then door levers have the edge as they can look contemporary. They’re also more practical - how many of us have used an elbow to open one, while carrying a bag of shopping at the same time?

They’re the perfect choice for glazed doors and narrow doors which can’t accommodate locks with deep cases. Most levers are on a longer plate and can incorporate a keyhole for added convenience.

The Cons Of Door Handles

Door handles or levers generally require greater maintenance as they have springs which hold levers in the horizontal place and over time these may either break or drop.

Because the levers on door handles protrude they can also add a safety hazard, especially when you have children who are head-height to the lever.

Here at Door Stop we have a variety of affordable door hardware, knobs and levers to suit your needs. We are the door experts in Perth. Take a look at our reviews and you can see why we’re the first choice. Come and chat to us today, don’t forget we have showrooms in Joondalup and Osborne Park and are happy to answer all your queries.

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