Do Laundry Rooms Need Vented Doors?

26 July, 2021

A laundry room is an often-overlooked space, but you’ll be surprised how often you use it and why door selection needs extra consideration. A much-needed area for loading and unloading clothes into a washing machine or dryer; it can also store mops, buckets, and cleaning products.

It’s usually positioned close to the kitchen and linking to the outside - direct to a patio area for easy access to a rotary or fixed washing line. If you’re going outside with a basket that is full of clothes, you will need a door - but does it need to be vented?

The Practicalities Of A Laundry

Heat and humidity can build up in a laundry room from your drier and washing machine. Gallons of water run through machines week by week, and water evaporates from your drier in each cycle.

Extractor fans are a great way to ventilate the room. They will reduce excess moisture that can cling to walls and cause paintwork to deteriorate and eliminate mould.

Opening windows and doors now and again will offer natural ventilation to lengthen the lifespan of your laundry room interior.

External Laundry Doors

Some external doors lend themselves to laundry rooms. There’s usually no cover or porch over an outside laundry door which means exposure to the elements. A timber door with a ply-covered foam core and veneer is a perfect option for an external door. It will keep the warmth in and the cold out. This construction means the door will not shrink, expand or warp like a solid timber or block laminated door and won’t absorb moisture.

If you want to maximise the light, you could opt for a part glazed door for both your internal and external requirements.

Over the years, there have been many door styles. Who can forget the 1980s and the popularity of louvered doors?

They feature natural slats – several horizontal blades of wood - to allow ventilation. The wooden slats can be fixed or open and allow light and air to pass through.

Louvered doors have a reputation for gathering dust and take longer to clean than traditional doors. Many now regard them as outdated and unfashionable.

Door Stop - First Stop For Doors

Modern laundries can be functional bright, and stylish, and nowadays are so much more than just a place to house your washing machine. They can even be turned into a boot room and accommodate pets overnight! With so much usage, you want to get the right door.

If you need advice on suitable doors for your laundry room including ones which incorporate a ply-covered foam, why not contact the experts at Door Stop?

We use Meranti timber – a durable hardwood on all our doors. Discover the quality for yourself at our showrooms in Osborne Park and Joondalup. We can supply, fit and install your doors at a competitive price. With a seven-year guarantee on all doors and outstanding Google reviews full of praise, no wonder we’re the first choice for doors in Perth.

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